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1. American punk band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1977
2. Japanese Heavy Metal/Speed Metal/Visual Kei band from Chiba, Japan, known as X JAPAN since 1992
3. Australian rock band formed in 1977
4. Austrian DJ Christian Blecha, better known as Deepforces
5. Czech punk band formed in 2003
6. Jordanian thrash metal band, disbanded
7. Bulgarian metal band
8. Latvian lounge act

X (US)

X is a noted punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1977. While they achieved only limited mainstream success, they were widely considered one of the most accessible and tuneful of Los Angeles’s many punk bands. Their landmark 1980 record Los Angeles resonated so loudly with the artisans of the city it is named after, that the band received an Official Certificate of Recognition from the City of Los Angeles in acknowledgment of their important contributions to Los Angeles music and culture. They were hugely influential on various genres of music, including punk, hardcore, and folk. Original members were Exene Cervenka (born Christine Cervenka, vocals), John Doe (born John Duchac, bass and vocals), Billy Zoom (born Tyson Kindell, guitar) and DJ Bonebrake (born Donald J. Bonebrake, drums). After Zoom retired from the band, Tony Gilkyson replaced him on guitar. Zoom reunited with X in 1998. The original line-up still tours sporadically.

X (Australia)

The Australian band called X, formed in 1977 by Rose Tattoo bassist Ian Rilen and Steve Lucas. They initially called themselves Evil Rumours. Their debut LP Aspirations (recorded by the equally great Lobby Loyde) is a punk classic (and was later reissued in the US by the revered Amphetamine Reptile label). Search for it you will be glad you did. A couple of members passed away early in their career. Cathy Green became a permanent fixture on drums. They were being groomed for bigger things and their LP …And More was to get a big push from the label (White) but there was “an incident” involving the label and although the album was released it was no longer a priority. Probably because of this the band has long periods of inactivity, but continue to play nearly 30 years later including May / June 2009 with legendary San Francisco punks Flipper. They have released many albums and have a great reputation for their live-shows! Sadly Ian Rilen passed away in late 2006 from cancer, but Kim Volkman has stepped up to the plate. Their 2nd LP At Home With You has been reissued on Aztec Music with a bonus live album. Their music has been covered by the New Bomb Turks and feedtimeamongst others. The classic debut Aspirations has just been reissued by Aztec Music.

X (Japan)

There is also a Japanese band which was named X. They renamed themselves to X JAPAN to avoid confusion with the American Punk band.

X (Austria)

In Austria, there is a DJ that calls himself ‘X’. Christian Blecha, living in Vienna produces techno, mainly hardstyle, but also other flavors under various pseudonyms, where one is DeepforcesX (Czech Republic)Almost unknown punk band from Prague. They have one demo album from the year 2004. Their homepage is here.

X (Jordan)

A thrash metal band from Jordan. Considered one of the founders of the metal scene there. Released a demo called Satanic War in 1992. Since split up.

X (Bulgaria)

X is also a bulgarian metal band.

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